Firstly, you want get your hands on good forex resources such as books, eBooks and even online reports. You will find that forex trading related books are generally expensive if you choose to purchase them at bookstores. However, you can easily find plenty of free resources on the Internet. These resources serve to arm you with general knowledge of the forex market and trading in general. You would definitely want to know what you are getting into (the dangers, the rewards etc.) before you actually start trading.

Secondly, start a demo account (simulation) and begin familiarizing yourself with the trading platform, charts and other trading functions. This step helps you tie in with what you have learned and read in the forex resources, and allows you to have “hands-on” practical experience while observing real time market data.

Then comes the time you are ready to go live where you can put all your initial experience to the test. Your heart will start beating faster as a first timer, as the market welcomes you with your first profit or loss. From then on, you continue refining and improving your game while striving to be the best trader you can be.

And of course getting a mentor to guide you along the ropes can be invaluable. In fact, it is highly recommended.

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